Business Resiliency Health Index Implementation

Jeremy Adkins and Neeta Adkar, Lockheed Martin

Innovations in Business Continuity Planning

Mark Armour, Brinks, Inc.

How to Control the Message in Today’s Connected World: Social Media and Crisis Management

Ted Brown, KETCHConsulting

The Next Generation of Crisis Management and Business Continuity: How Gen X and Millennials Will Change the Landscape

Grace Burley, Strategic Crisis Advisors


Lessons Learned from the 2016 Flood in Louisiana

Bonnie Canal, The Resiliency Institute

When Doing the Right Thing is the Right Thing to Do:  Models of Good Contingency Management Leadership

Robert C. Chandler, Ph.D., Professor of Communication, Lipscomb University

Cyber Resilience – A Comprehensive Approach to Cyber Attack Protection and Response

Allan Cyntryn, Risk Masters International

A History of Tabletops 

Blaise D’Ambrosio, T. Rowe Price

The Evolution to Building Effective, Resilient & Compliant Plans

Christopher Duffy, Strategic BCP

Lessons Learned from History Past

Joe Flach, Safe Harbor Consulting

Capturing, Consolidating and Communicating Critical Continuity Data in an Concise, Electronic Way

Jeremy Gudgeon and Rebecca Harding, Vanguard

Let’s Measure Our Capability to Recover!

Michael Harding, Automotive Resources International

Is Your Company Prepared for a Catastrophic Data Breach?

Suzanne Hartin, Early Warning, and Chris Belt, PNC

Information Technology Risk: What You Need to Know

Michael Herrera, MHA Consulting, Inc.

Preparing for the Worst: Cyber Terrorism and the Human Impact

Terri Howard, FEI Behavioral Health

BCI Global Research Summary – Key Trends, Influences and Conclusions Affecting the Profession

John Jackson, BCI USA Chapter

Major Challenges to Implementing an Effective Business Continuity (BC) Program and How to Overcome Them 

Mike Janko, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, and Chris Summerrow, UPS

Cyber Incident Response: It’s Not Just for Techies!

Tracy Judge, Trans Union and Peter Laz, Fusion

Third-Party BC Assessment 

Victoria Kagler, T. Rowe Price

Developing a New Business Continuity Program – What My Program Looked Like One Year After I Started a New Job

Ron Kamps, Mutual of Enumclaw

Top Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Modernize Your Business Continuity Program

Tejas Katwala, Continuity Logic

Resiliency Meets New Complexities of a Hybrid World: The Need to Bring a Paradigm Shift in Business Resiliency

BJ Klingenberg and Vinod  IBM 

Rapid Continuity: Can We Recover

Phil Lambert, Ripcord Solutions

In a Hybrid World, Automating Discovery of IT Assets Is Essential to IT Projects, Both Large and Small. Can Your Current Tools Keep Up?
James Leclair, IBM Resiliency Services

Everything You’re Doing is Wrong! (and Other Helpful Hints from the Continuity 2.0 Manifesto)

David Lindstedt, Readiness Analytics

Continuity Confessions

Howard Mannella, Alternative Resiliency Services

BCM Trends – Understand the Impact to Your Program and Career

Cheyene Marling, BC Management

Streamline Your Risk Assessment in Four-Steps and Learn How-To Attract BCM Investment to Your Recommendations!

Shane Mathew, DaVita Rx, and Christopher Rivera, Lootok

Cybersecurity Update for Business Continuity Community 

Dr. Nader Mehravari, Cornell University, Axio

Doing What Technology Can’t: The Use of Risk Transfer in Managing Resilience and Cyber Risk

Dr. Nader Mehravari and David White, Axio Inc.

Maximizing Millennials in BCM 

Margaret Millett, MetLife and Joanna D’Aquanni, SAS

If BC/DR is the Heart of your Program – Collaborative Recovery is the life blood.

Stuart Murray, Jabil Circuits, and Aaron Callaway, Fairchild Consulting

The FIS Global BCMS – Centralizing a Global Program for Certification

Jim Nelson, Business Continuity Services

What is your risk appetite?

Lynnda Nelson, ICOR

Choosing a Tabletop Scenario for Your Next Exercise

Kathy Lee Patterson, Independence Blue Cross, and Melissa Owings, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

Institutional Knowledge!  When Good Employees Leave, What Do We Really Lose and How Do We Retain It?

Dr. Andrew Pena, New Mexico State University

People: The Missing Ingredient in IT Recovery 

Steve Ross, Risk Masters International

Process Maturity vs. Program Capabilities – Resilience Strategy and Operating Effectiveness (RSOE)

Dave Sarabacha, Deloitte

How to Gain Value from Public Private Partnerships to a BCM Program 

Christopher Sarcletti, BMO Harris

The Most Important Step You Can Take to Combat Cybersecurity Threats

Doug Sawyer, Kroger, and Frank Buck, Sungard Availability Services

Crisis Management Simulation

Frank Schultz and Stephanie Marjoram, BC in the Cloud

You’re Having a Disaster, Now What?

Tom Serio, Verizon Wireless

Outside the Box Thinking – Data Driven Decision Engine

Scott Staiton and Mitesh Shetty, Deloitte

Executive Buy-in of your Business Continuity Management Program

Lance Stange, Virtual Corporation and Joel McDearmon,

Setting a New Standard for Integrated IT Recovery Orchestration

John Steffen, Charter Communications and Bob Sibik, Fusion

Case Study: Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Training –How UPS Improved Its Workplace Violence Program 

Chris Summerrow, UPS, and Randy Spivey, Center of Personal Protection and Safety (CPPS)

Why Your Vendors’ Subcontractors Are Putting You at Risk

Brandon Tanner, Rentsys

Turn Up the Volume: Building a Global BCM Training Program in a Busy, Distracted World

Lisa Trousdale, Ernst & Young, and David Mack, Ripcord Solutions

Legal Aspects of Corporate Crisis Management

Stephen Williger, Esq., Thompson Hine LLP

Business Continuity Exercises: Creating Scenarios to Achieve Goals

Laurie Wonders, TriZetto