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Survey Exposes Gap Between Organizations’ Perceived, Actual Risk Preparedness

2024 HUB Outlook Executive Survey, Risk Preparedness

Gaps in preparedness increase vulnerabilities in financial stability, workforce vitality, and maintaining resiliency in times of crisis.

Twelve Artificial Intelligence Predictions For 2024

Artificial intelligence

Experts believe AI will not take all jobs nor end civilization, but it will help businesses make better decisions.

RTX To Improve DoD Supply Chain Resilience

Supply Chain Resilience

Raytheon BBN will develop a robust modeling and simulation tool with a goal of improving supply chain resilience.

Carnegie Mellon Forms AI Security Incident Response Team

Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, Artificial Intelligence Security Incident Response Team (AISIRT)

Artificial Intelligence Security Incident Response Team will analyze and respond to threats and security incidents emerging from advances in AI and machine learning.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Tips For The 2023 Holiday Season

Holiday Season Cybersecurity Tips

Phishing, payment and investment scams, and other dangerous tricks are major threats during the holiday season.

Hurricane Otis: Bracing For Surprise Storms

As climate changes creates an environment ripe for surprise weather events, businesses need to prepare to receive little to no warning signs.

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