Fundamental Components of a Business Continuity Plan

By Agility Recovery: Having the right plans and procedures in place for dealing with crises is only half the battle. The fundamental components of a business continuity plan must include workspace recovery, cyber resilience, change management, and several other elements. Additionally, sharing a business continuity plan with the essential personnel and educating them

No Holiday for COVID-19 Themed Scams

There are no signs of “sheltering in place” by cyber criminals masquerading behind COVID-19 schemes. Email fraud is still moving full steam ahead according to the latest report by Agari which reported an increase of “3,000% in phishing attacks using COVID-19 as a theme between March and June.” The H2 2020

Integrated Preparedness Program: Coordinated Development and Implementation of Program Elements Can Reap Significant Benefits

The objectives of a preparedness program are to safeguard life, conserve property, maintain the continuity of operations, prevent environmental contamination, and protect reputations and relationships. Emergency management, business continuity, IT disaster recovery, and crisis management are common terms for programs to accomplish these objectives. Prevention and mitigation programs including occupational health

Witt O’Brien’s Grace Burley Featured on The Failover Plan Podcast

Grace Burley, Managing Director at Witt O’Brien’s joined Joel Navarro, Global Manager of Business Continuity for Mary Kay on this week’s episode of The Failover Plan Podcast to explore the impact that the next generation of professionals are having on the business continuity industry with host Shane Mathew. Burley and Navarro