Fundamental Components of a Business Continuity Plan

By Agility Recovery: Having the right plans and procedures in place for dealing with crises is only half the battle. The fundamental components of a business continuity plan must include workspace recovery, cyber resilience, change management, and several other elements. Additionally, sharing a business continuity plan with the essential personnel and educating them

10 Steps to Tabletop Exercising Success Part 2

By Tam Williams, KingsBridgeBCP: In part one of 10 Steps to Tabletop Exercising Success we covered “Choosing the Correct Format,” “Updating Your Plan,” “Picking and Appropriate Scenario,” “Seeking Expertise,” and “Selecting Appropriate Facilitation.” In part two we’ll address the next five steps in achieving tabletop exercising success beginning with “Capture.” [Read part

New Webinar: Revolutionizing the Business Continuity Discipline

Revolutionizing the Business Continuity Discipline will be the featured topic during the next installment of the Continuity Insights Webinar Series scheduled for Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. ET. This live Q&A discussion will feature Mark Armour, Director Global Business Continuity for Brink’s, Inc. 2020 has been a year like

From Project to Program – Maturing Your Business Continuity Management

A business continuity program usually begins by establishing a project to build recovery capabilities for your business and the technology that supports it. A project has a beginning, a middle, and an end. A program is on-going. Join Continuity Insights and Kelley Okolita, Director of Disaster Management at Cambia Health, for

Agility Launches New Intuitive Tool for Business Continuity Planning

Organizations are becoming more aware of the importance of a proper Business Continuity toolkit when it comes to resilience. In response, business continuity provider Agility Recovery has introduced its newest tool, Agility Planner which offers a centralized, all-in-one approach to business continuity planning that streamlines and simplifies the process. As the

Revolutionizing the Business Continuity Discipline

2020 has been a year like no other. Because of what many of us have experienced, business continuity practitioners are asking challenging questions and seeking answers about new ways we might practice within this space. Perhaps you have heard of Adaptive Business Continuity and perhaps not. Either way, this is a

Creating a Business Continuity Plan for Your Business: 5 Essential Steps

By Veronica Baxter: These are unprecedented times. Severe weather is causing extended power outages. Fires force evacuation. The pandemic defines who can go out and work, and expands the possibilities of remote work. Political unrest causes damage to individual businesses and infrastructure. All of this is happening right now in addition

Assurance, Avalution, & Clearview Combined as Castellan Solutions

Three of the leading providers of global business continuity management software and services – Assurance Software, Avalution Consulting, and ClearView Continuity – have officially rebranded as Castellan Solutions. Historically, a Castellan was a real person whose job it was to anticipate threats and ensure that the castle, its surrounding territory, and