Dallas Small Business Continuity Fund Impact Evaluation

The Small Business Administration (SBA) aims to restore small business revenue and sustain jobs after disasters. SBA is interested in understanding the impact of community-based approaches to help small businesses respond and recover to the COVID-19 pandemic. In spring 2020, the Dallas City Council used CARES Act funding to set

Preventing Ransomware Attacks

To help IT leaders improve their organization’s ability to prevent incursions and defend against ransomware attacks in the current climate, global IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group published a new research-backed industry blueprint, titled Build Resilience Against Ransomware Attacks. Read the full article on FacilityExecutive.com  

‘Run, hide, fight’ tactic in active shootings may be outdated

You’ve probably heard these three words – run, hide, fight. The tactics from the FBI, echoed to law enforcement agencies across the country, have been used for decades to teach civilians their options if confronted by an active shooter: evacuate the area, find a place to hide, or – as a last resort –

How To Update Your Business Continuity Plan in 2023

Business continuity planning is the process of planning for the potential issues that a company or business could face while maintaining operations. Creating and updating a business continuity plan is a cornerstone of successful businesses, and you should invest ample time and resources in ensuring that your plan is the best

Ransomware Attack Recovery: Are industrial enterprises prepared?

Industrial enterprises invest millions each year in solutions that are designed to keep mission-critical industrial operations safe from cyberattack. They employ a vast array of cybersecurity equipment and software to identify, protect, and detect all kinds of threats and attacks and to respond to them as quickly as possible. Traditionally,

Eight business continuity and operational resilience risks to watch in 2023

Increased geopolitical tensions, cyberattacks, supply-chain issues, and continued pandemic-related fallout prompted a growing number of organizations to take a decidedly more strategic approach to business continuity and operational resilience in 2022. Many of these issues are spilling over into 2023 –  and new risks are on the horizon. Here, Brian Zawada FBCI highlights