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The Invisible Threat – Planning for Infectious Disease Outbreaks & Epidemics
Presenter: Suzanne Bernier, President, SB Crisis Consulting
January 31, 2019, 2:00 p.m. ET

Recently, Ebola has made a resurgence in West Africa, with a total of over 600 cases now reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a direct result, an American healthcare worker is currently being monitored in Nebraska after possibly being exposed to the virus while treating patients in Congo.

Add to that the new case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) found in South Korea just a few months ago, as well as recent measles and influenza outbreaks across North America, and it’s clear the threat of a possible infectious disease outbreak or epidemic within our own community or workplace is a constant reality. In addition, new and emerging health threats, along with increased global travel, show we are still vulnerable to a possible pandemic that could be far worse than H1N1.

During this webinar, Suzanne Bernier, President of SB Crisis Consulting, will review recent, emerging, and residual infectious disease threats, as well as case studies and lessons learned from SARS and H1N1. Attendees will then be led through a review some of the key elements required for an effective infectious disease plan, as well as recommended enhancements to those plans, based on case studies and lessons learned.

Key take-aways will include:

– Knowledge and insight into new and emerging viruses of concern across the globe
– Lessons learned and case studies from SARS and the H1N1 pandemic to help you enhance
your current infectious disease plans
– Additional tools and guidance to support your infectious disease planning efforts


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Six Drivers and Ten Principles: An Introduction to Adaptive BC
Presenter: David Lindstedt, Ph.D., Adaptive BC Solutions
Now Available On Demand

Dr. David Lindstedt

Adaptive Business Continuity (Adaptive BC) is an approach to continuously improve an organization’s recovery capabilities, with a focus on the continued delivery of services following an unexpected unavailability of people, locations, and/or resources.

Adaptive BC transforms or eliminates the majority of traditional activities in the continuity planning industry. It focuses the discipline and its practitioners on proven practices and away from outdated and ineffectual “best” practices.

Join author, speaker, and unconventional business continuity thought-leader David Lindstedt as he presents Six Drivers and Ten Principles: An Introduction to Adaptive BC, an in-depth discussion that explores the ways in which Adaptive BC better equips continuity practitioners by enhancing their ability to limit potential damage to organizations’ brand, capital, functions, and revenue following an incident or disaster.


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The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes During a Crisis
Presenter: Scott Teel, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Agility Recovery
Now Available On Demand

It is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive during our educational presentations on disasters: what are the most common mistakes organizations make when confronted by a crisis? In this webinar, we will share with you our experience in dealing with hundreds of disaster events, large and small, point out the most common mistakes, and show you how to avoid them.

Join us as we draw upon our experiences in recovering hundreds of businesses following events such as the recent hurricanes along the Gulf and East coasts, building fires and plumbing leaks. We will address the decisions made, the plans not followed, and the panic-induced mistakes to help you avoid those same situations and lead your organization through a crisis.


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Intelligence Sourcing During a Crisis
Presenters: Juli Morse, Vice President of Customer Success, and Noah Hartnett, Intelligence Analyst, Swan Island Networks
Now Available On Demand


Situational awareness is never more critical than during a crisis. As the risk level rises and threats multiply, informed decision making becomes the difference between survival and catastrophe. Achieving situational awareness during a crisis requires adopting and adapting emergent and alternative data into the intelligence gathering process.

In this webinar, we will highlight the intelligence gathering process, emergent and alternative sources, and review how we tackled real life crises of Hurricane Florence and the recent wildfire season. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit your questions during the live Q&A at the end of the broadcast.


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Recovery Lessons Learned from Hurricanes Florence & Michael
Presenters: Scott Teel, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, and Mark Norton, Test and Recovery Manager, Agility Recovery
Now Available On Demand


Each year’s Hurricane Season brings opportunity to test the mettle of even the best-laid plans for Crisis Management and Disaster Preparedness. The major storms of 2018 were no different and presented their own unique challenges to organizations on the Gulf and East coasts.

Tune in for an in-depth analysis of the lessons learned from these storms as Scott Teel, Senior Director of Corporate Communications with Agility Recovery and Mark Norton, Test and Recovery Manager, also with Agility, discuss real recoveries and the experiences of personnel on the ground responding to Florence and Michael. Topic areas will include communications, logistics, crisis management, facilities, supply chains and restoration of basic utilities.


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Reimagining Business Resiliency: Taking Mass Notifications to the Next Level
Presenter: Troy Harper, General Manager, OnSolve
Now Available On Demand

Mass notification systems have become a core component of most organizations’ business resiliency and disaster recovery operations. But too often notifications require a heavy manual component that can lead to human error and are siloed from business workflows in a way that limits the value notification systems can deliver to your organization. Reimagining business resiliency to meet the rapidly evolving threats and challenges your business faces every day – whether it’s a developing ransomware attack, severe weather or an active shooter situation – requires seamlessly integrating automated notifications with key business processes and removing as much of the manual burden as possible. Taking a more holistic approach can better protect people and property, while streamlining internal communications between employees, staff, and decision makers – and externally with the public at large.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Incorporate mass notification into continuity planning
• Build a communication strategy for disaster scenarios
• Maintain business resiliency in any critical event


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How Winter Threatens Your Business. And What To Do About It
Presenters: Paul Yura, Warning Coordination Meterologist, National Weather Service; Peter Steinfeld, VP of Sales, AlertMedia
Now Available On Demand


Winter brings many diverse threats to businesses, in all environments. From freezing temperatures to road closure to risk of illness, most businesses face challenges related to the winter season. Business continuity during these times relies heavily on proper preparation and effective communications. What should you be doing to prepare your business and employees for winter?

Join Paul Yura, Warning Coordination Meterologist with the National Weather Service, and emergency communication veteran Peter Steinfeld, VP of Sales at AlertMedia, to learn:
  • How businesses across the country are affected by winter hazards
  • What businesses can do to prepare for and react to inclement weather
  • Important communication tips before, during, and after any winter storm
  • What the best businesses are proactively doing before it gets cold, and how it’s affected their business


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BCP Software and BCP Consultants – Who Needs Them?
Presenter: Tam Williams, KingsBridge BCP
Now Available On Demand

Which is the better option – BCP Software or BCP Consultants? Which avenue is best for your business model? What should drive your decision when it comes to navigating this eternal business continuity question?

Join Continuity Insights for this complementary webinar  to learn more about this critical topic. We’ll be joined by Tam Williams, Project Manager and Business Continuity Consultant with KingsBridge BCP, who will touch on the highs and lows of both BCP consultants and BCP software, and then compare them so you can choose which avenue is best for your business.

With experience on both sides of the fence, Williams will provide an insightful, straightforward overview of the benefits of BCP Software, BCP Consultants, and when you might be fine to go it alone. Whether you’re a small organization of 10 people or a multi-national corporation, she’ll shine a light on the good, the bad, and the ignored of each. By the end of the session, you’ll have a good sense of what software features and consulting services will best meet your individual needs.


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So, You Have a Disaster… Now What?
Presenter: Tom Serio,
Now Available on Demand

As continuity professionals, we’re always waiting for a disaster to occur. But what do you do when it finally does? So, You Have a Disaster… Now What? will take into consideration the countless hours and resources you’ve spent on planning to find out if you’re truly ready when the time has come to put your plan to the test.

Respected industry authority Tom Serio will lead the discussion on September 13 and walk you through a real-life disaster that impacted a large business and forced it to enact ALL of its business continuity plans. He’ll take you on an up-close, inside look at the reality of the situation: What was upper management thinking? How quickly and successfully did employees get back to work?

The webinar will address some very valuable and real lessons learned as the organization’s corporate campus recovered from a nine-day outage.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Successfully implement your BCP
  • Develop a disaster checklist
  • Reduce business disruptions
  • Be fully prepared for a disaster


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Watch Your Front – Real Time Situational Awareness
Presenter: Pete O’Dell, Chief Executive Officer/Founder, Swan Island Networks
Now Available on Demand

Being proactive can save lives, property, reputation, and disruption. In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how to track risks and threats 24/7, whether you have a dedicated command center or not. Integrating information from outside (government, news, social media, cameras, sensors) with internal information (security systems, all employees, partners, and more) can yield actionable results to prevent, mitigate, respond, and recover from incidents that impact your organization – within your facility walls or from the broad array of outside threats.

Cloud Risk – Chance of ShowersJoin Pete O’Dell, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Swan Island Networks and author of Cyber 24-7: Risks, Leadership and Sharing, for this lively discussion and strategic look at creating proactive rapid situational awareness solutions for security and response teams for public/private resilience.


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Become a Weather Expert for your Organization and Build Resilience to Weather Threats
Presenters: Ken Berryhill, Director of Safety, Cedar Point Amusement Park and Resorts; Steve Prinzivalli, Program Manager and Meteorologist, Earth Networks
Now Available On Demand

There are few things that scare seasoned business continuity professionals. After all, it is your job to protect your organization from a variety of threats. Extreme weather events and natural disasters are ranked in the top three threats to business operations, yet they are among the most predictable. It’s been months, but the 2017 hurricane season still looms over operational planning, as many areas impacted by major hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria are still suffering the consequences of those devastating storms. Become a weather expert by leveraging technologies and strategies to keep your operations running in the face of dangerous or severe weather.


Join Ken Berryhill, Director of Safety at Cedar Point Amusement Park and Resorts, and Earth Networks Meteorologist Steve Prinzivalli to learn about everything you need to know on how to manage any type of weather threat. Attendees will walk away from this webinar with strategies and best practices on building resilience to thunderstorms, hurricanes, high winds, heat, snow and ice and other types of severe weather of concern to business continuity and risk management professionals.


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Balancing Flexibility in Your BCP
Moderator: Tam Williams, KingsBridge BCP
Now Available On Demand

Trying to make your BCP practical and easy to follow, while keeping it flexible enough to respond to any scenario that threatens your business? This exciting webinar will give you the tools you need to balance flexibility in your BCP. Your business is different; you need to ensure that your practical needs are met while at the same time adhering to industry standards and best practices. And, you need to prepare for every possible threat.

Throughout this webinar you will learn how to balance these (sometimes opposing) requirements. We will give you industry proven tips and tricks for each stage of your BCP, covering everything from risk management to your BIA to plan maintenance and exercising.

Join us for Simple & Straightforward perspectives, real-world experiences, industry best practices and practical takeaways on flexibility that you can implement in your BCP.


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Emerging Trends in Mass Violence: Vehicular Terrorist Attacks

Moderator: Steve Crimando, Behavioral Science Applications
Now Available On Demand

From 2014 through April 30, 2018 there were 25 terrorist vehicle ramming attacks worldwide. These attacks have resulted in 214 deaths and 881 injuries, including those killed and injured in the most recent attack in Toronto. Such attacks have dramatically increased in their frequency over the past three years. They have become the tactic of choice for Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVEs) who have increasingly employed vehicle ramming as a low-cost, low-tech weapon of mass destruction. The ease of execution combined with the difficulty in detecting or deterring such attacks has made this terrorist tactic a particularly challenging problem for the law enforcement and intelligence community.

Presentation Highlights:

  • Defining and understanding the scope of the problem
  • Trends, patterns and case examples
  • The vehicular attack “playbook”
  • Attacker motivations and pre-incident behaviors
  • Strategies for safety and survival


Superhero: Assessment and Development for Crisis Management Leadership

Dr. Robert ChandlerModerator: Robert Chandler, Ph.D., Lipscomb University
Now Available On Demand

This webinar focuses on Super Leadership know-how, skills and abilities, appropriate for those who currently lead, plan to lead or who want to be prepared to lead when called upon to do so during critical situations. Are you ready to be a Superhero Leader? Join us for this assessment and development webinar and build your leadership skills.

Leadership is the most influential and critical element of successfully managing a contingency or crisis. Effective leaders have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to inspire and impact others. Super Leaders are defined by their abilities and actions, not their titles or positions. A Super Leader understands the core mission and objectives, as well as the situation contingency actions plans and goals of effective crisis management. In addition, a good leader has the skills that enable them to perform at high levels of effectiveness.