Continuity Insights is an essential information-sharing resource for business continuity professionals. Business resilience is an organizational imperative, not just to safeguard the enterprise, but its resulting cause and effect on employees, customers, shareholders, partners, reputation, public/private partners, regulatory bodies, and many other entities. Our mission is to foster information-sharing among these various constituents as the lynchpin for their success. Therefore, creating a forum to share timely, compelling, meaningful, and usable information is vital.

Providing you access to the experience and expertise of the thousands of subject matter experts who have contributed to Continuity Insights over the years is our objective. Content delivered as original editorials, conference presentations, research, webinars, videos, panel discussions, interviews, and such, is the basis for this exchange. We invite you to remain engaged with us throughout the year as we continue to address the wide-ranging business continuity discussion.

Continuity Insights is our second-generation media offering to the business continuity industry. Its predecessor, Contingency Planning & Management (CPM), was founded in 1995 in response to the tragic event of the Alfred P. Murrah Oklahoma City bombing. CPM served business continuity professionals for many years with its print publication, website, annual conference, and other offerings. The goal of the inaugural franchise was to significantly expand upon the discussion at that time…it’s not about recovery, it’s all about continuity.

Fast forward to the post-9/11 era and the new millennium. Business continuity has increasingly become a critical imperative throughout the enterprise…at all levels of management up to the C-suite. Resilience is no longer simply a tactical discussion; a strategic dialogue is the new imperative. Founded in 2002, Continuity Insights served to replaced and elevate the CPM discussion ­– that continuity is truly a critically important business discussion. Continuity Insights is that vast forum of expertise, with topics ranging from cyber to pandemics to supply chain to active shooter, serving professionals in financial to manufacturing to healthcare, generational expertise from Baby Boomers to Millennials. Continuity Insights is that central resource.

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