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GenAI Survey: U.S. Leaders Concerned About Data Privacy, Security

GenAI Survey

Despite enthusiasm, leaders see understanding gaps, lack of strategic planning, talent shortage as obstacles to realizing the technology's full value.

Listen Now: Decision-Making During A Crisis

adaptive decision-making

Robert C. Chandler, Ph.D, Founder and Principal of Emperiria discusses his research on adaptive decision-making in this podcast.

ASIS Introduces Security Risk Assessment Standard

The ASIS standard has been revised and designed to revolutionize how organizations assess and manage security risks.

Report Warns Of Need to Bolster Defenses Against Public Sector Attacks

election integrity, Public Sector Attacks

Government agencies, officials need to increase cybersecurity measures, enhance election integrity safeguards, and collaborate with cybersecurity experts to mitigate threats, warns new CyberCube report.

Need To Move From Risk Prevention To Resilience Management Is Urgent

Resilience Management

2024 OnSolve Global Risk Impact Report highlights unanticipated impacts of physical threats, urgent need for organizations to shift from risk prevention to resilience management.

Performance Under Pressure: Will Employees Remember How To Respond To Violence?

workplace violence, response

It's critical that workplace violence prevention and active assailant response plans are aligned with the behavioral realities of performance under pressure.

NIST Updates Landmark Cybersecurity Framework

The agency finalized the framework’s first major update since its creation in 2014.

Most Companies Identified Breaches To Their AI In The Past Year

AI Security

AI adoption is accelerating without proper security measures, according to HiddenLayer’s newly released AI Threat Landscape Report.

What Is AI’s Role In Reinforcing Cyber Defenses?

AI in Cybersecurity

MixMode's State of AI in Cybersecurity Report 2024 reveals how AI is transforming the cybersecurity landscape and the challenges and opportunities it presents for organizations.

Less Than Half Of IT Leaders Are Confident In Security Plans

In a new report, IT leaders surveyed would have started their IoT security plans differently so they could remediate vulnerabilities faster.

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