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GenAI Survey: U.S. Leaders Concerned About Data Privacy, Security

GenAI Survey

Despite enthusiasm, leaders see understanding gaps, lack of strategic planning, talent shortage as obstacles to realizing the technology's full value.

Need To Move From Risk Prevention To Resilience Management Is Urgent

Resilience Management

2024 OnSolve Global Risk Impact Report highlights unanticipated impacts of physical threats, urgent need for organizations to shift from risk prevention to resilience management.

Performance Under Pressure: Will Employees Remember How To Respond To Violence?

workplace violence, response

It's critical that workplace violence prevention and active assailant response plans are aligned with the behavioral realities of performance under pressure.

March Madness Betting: AI Hacking Could Cost U.S. Companies Over $18B

March Madness

Advizex warns of AI cyber threats during March Madness, forecasting record losses for U.S. companies in 2024.

U.S. Workers Anxious About AI Use In Finance, Operations

AI in the workplace

Driven by negative news coverage, salaried workers’ concerns over job loss, business fraud, other potential adverse effects of AI in the workplace outweigh enthusiasm for potential benefits. Widespread apprehensions among U.S. workers regarding the negative impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) are impeding the broader adoption of beneficial AI advancements, finds ... Read more

Political Uncertainty Is Key Challenge For Business Planning

Political Uncertainty

A new Marcum LLP-Hofstra University Survey finds the uncertain political climate influences CEO’s decision-making process and corporate strategy.

The Post Super Bowl IT Blues

Super Bowl LVIII

More than two in five hybrid workers plan to work remotely after Super Bowl LVIII. Could this lead to a blitz of work for the IT team? 

Insider Threats: Most Companies Vulnerable, Lack Protection Strategies

Insider Threats

2024 Insider Threat Report reveals chief concerns and modern strategies to counter evolving internal security risks.

Will Your Employees Leave In 2024?

Employee Retention

Eagle Hill's Employee Retention Index signals more employees may leave their jobs during the first six months of 2024.

Climate Change, Security And Health Risks: What’s Ahead For 2024?

Risk Map, International SOS, Risk Map 2024

The International SOS Risk Map provides a comprehensive view of the risk landscape in countries around the world. New this year: climate change.

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