B5: A Metrics Framework to Get and Keep Management Engaged

Scott Ream, Virtual Corporation
You’ve been working hard to engage and gain commitment from your management team. You have a vision of an “Organizational Resilience Management” program that integrates the key disciplines of emergency management, crisis management, operations risk management, business continuity, and IT disaster recovery. Using a flexible, focused metrics reporting framework will effectively show management the progress you’re making while keeping everyone’s attention on the “end game” – the agreed upon vision. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to build a simple “Program Metrics Framework” using Virtual Corporation’s open access Business Continuity Maturity Model® as your point of reference to baseline the current state of your Organizational Resilience Management Program. Once the baseline has been defined, clarify the desired vision end state “where we want to be” and document the roadmap (gap analysis) of what program enhancements are needed to get there.