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New Study: A Review of Work from Home Strategies Survey
As organizations revisit their Business Continuity Programs within the context of the pandemic, it is useful to understand the many dynamics of planning, execution, and work area recovery. Take the survey and you’ll be entered in our drawing for an iPad mini. TAKE THE SURVEY>>>

New Episode of Personal Security in Challenging Times – Reporting Hostile Incidents
In this installment of our nine-part series on Personal Security in Challenging Times, you’ll be educated on coping with the impact of hostile or violent incidents – both verbal and physical attacks. In this episode, internationally known consultant and educator Steve Crimando, will discuss the emotional consequences of these incidents and how to deal with them. WATCH>>>

On-Demand Webinar 
The Fatal Flaw in Your Emergency Plan: Effective Command/Control/Communications, a new Continuity Insights webinar, is now available for on-demand viewing. VIEW>>>

Continuity Insights

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