Keynote Announced for CIMC 2020: Award-Winning Events Producer and Author Frank Supovitz

The Super Bowl, the NFL Draft, the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals and All-Star Weekend, Radio City Music Hall productions. What do these prestigious sports and entertainment experiences have in common? They’re just a few of the award-winning events produced by Frank Supovitz, who will be the opening keynote for the

Danger, Danger: Ransomware Tops List of Cybersecurity Threats for 2020

The top cybersecurity threat for 2020 is ransomware. That’s news reported by ECT News Network reporter and cybersecurity expert Peter Suciu in article for TechNewsWorld. Sucui reports that despite efforts urging victims of ransomware not to pay, successful attacks only embolden cyberthieves to continue with their efforts. Cyber risk insurance firm

Measuring Disaster Resilience and Response Capabilities with ResponderCQ

Disaster response has dominated headlines for years, and technologies to enhance disaster response capabilities are rapidly emerging. Now, a new global dialogue is centering on resilience—how we not only come together to help communities quickly recover, and even thrive, post-disaster, but how we strengthen their defenses against future threats. Every

Learn From Seasoned Practitioners, Industry Thought Leaders

Learning new strategies, techniques, skills, and practices is essential for both business continuity professionals learning the ropes and advanced practitioners. It’s the most direct path to achieving new heights of resiliency within your organization. The 2020 Continuity Insights Management Conference has developed a first-rate curriculum packed with meaningful sessions addressing critical

Jumping the Hurdles to a Winning BC Plan

No doubt you’ve experienced any number of hurdles that have delayed the completion of your Business Continuity plans or left it collecting dust when momentum is lost. In Jump Your BC Hurdles to a Winning Plan, a new webinar from Continuity Insights scheduled for January 22, 2020 at 2:00 ET, we’ll

Alarming Data Indicates 235% Spike in Business Hacks

The hits just keep on coming. The Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques Q1 2019 report from Malwarebytes Labs reveals a startling 235% growth in cyberattacks on businesses in just one year. Additionally, the report documents email phishing continues to be the favorite tool of cyber hackers. While consumer-targeted hits are in decline,

Interim Survey Results Available – Business Continuity Trends and Challenges 2020

Continuity Central has announced the interim results from its annual Business Continuity Trends and Challenges survey which asks business continuity professionals about their expectations for the year ahead. The survey covers levels of change in BC management for 2020, changes in practices and strategies, challenges holding back BC development, and BC