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Resilience Leaders Need To Plan For Polycrises

The 2024 Global Enterprise Resilience Report aims to help organizations prepare for volatile risk landscapes with polycrises on the horizon.

Infinite Blue released its 2024 Global Enterprise Resilience Report, which analyzes survey data, insights from thought leaders, and worldwide trends to help organizations prepare for an increasingly volatile threat environment.

In a survey of resilience leaders, 68% of respondents expect more disruptions over the next 24 months than the previous period. The organization also found that fewer than half of respondents (45%) said their programs enabled them to see and understand downstream and upstream impacts of incidents before they occur.

In the report, experts explore how greater levels of technological, social, and economic interconnectedness and climate change are colliding forces that will increase the prevalence to concurrent and cascading crises. The report highlights commonly missed opportunities that are leaving organizations and governments vulnerable to greater and more damaging risks. It also details strategies that enterprises can implement to rethink their resilience programs to more effectively address today’s challenges.

“Based on our research and analysis, risk and security teams no longer have the luxury of planning for one major disruption at a time,” said Frank Shultz, CEO and Founder of Infinite Blue. “We are entering a new era of increasingly frequent polycrises, requiring new thinking, new tools, and a greater collaboration within enterprises and across communities.

“Instead of planning for individual incidents, corporate leaders must quickly refocus on building flexible, coordinated, and resilient organizations that are ready to respond to, and recover from, anything,” continued Shultz. “We are entering a new era, and resilience professionals need to start thinking beyond the strategies of the past.”

Read Infinite Blue’s 2024 Global Enterprise Resilience Report.

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