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New Year, New Challenges…Are You Ready?

The 2024 threat landscape is complex and dynamic. Dozens of environmental, social, technological, and economic stressors are interacting with increasing velocity. For many, their combined impact is causing unpredictability and stress. Climate change, wars raging in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, artificial intelligence, record numbers of migrants, and ever-increasing social and political tensions are just some examples. The whole of these intersecting crises is even more potentially dangerous and disruptive than the sum of the parts. Professionals concerned with safety and security, emergency management, and business continuity will be challenged to mitigate the impact of these converging threats. Having a better understanding of the human impact and behavioral consequences of the current threat landscape will be critical to success.

Each year, the winter schedule allows the Homeland Security Human Factors Institute to offer some of our most popular and useful training programs, along with new and evolving topics, all in a condensed 8-week semester format. The eight one-hour classes are offered individually and in series as certificate programs. Participants can join the live, instructor-led online classes each Tuesday from January 16 through March 5 at 1:00 PM (EST) or view the recorded programs at their convenience. Attendance to the live classes is not required for the certificate programs.

Stay current with the ever-changing threat landscape and give yourself a strategic and tactical advantage by applying accurate behavioral assumptions in all of your emergency and security-related preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

Learn more about the 2024 Winter Institute course offerings and register at https://www.behavioralscienceapps.com/2024-winter-institute.

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