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BC Pros Should Be Aware of Emerging Issues

It seems as if almost every day, new issues emerge to test the plans and preparedness of business continuity professionals across the world. New, perpetually evolving technology, cyberattacks, natural disasters, and a global economy all present new risks. And it’s up to BC pros to prepare for them. This can be easier said than done.

The 2020 Continuity Insights Management Conference will feature several presentations from companies representing various industries that will focus on emerging issues. Presenters will cover a wide range of topics that many BC pros will likely be faced with soon if they haven’t been working on them already.

Preparing Your Organization for a Hurricane will be presented by Paul Yura, Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He’ll be joined by AlertMedia’s Peter Steinfeld to share expert forecasting and preparation tips for the 2020 hurricane season: what businesses can do to prepare for and react to hurricanes; what your employees expect to hear from you during all phases of a hurricane; and how to minimize impacts and keep your people safe and informed no matter what hurricane season has in store.

In today’s world, with remote employees, social media, electronic storage of information, and ever-changing business operations, the business continuity environment must adjust while still meeting established standards and that can be challenging, especially in a smaller department or if it’s part of your full-time job or a department of one. Join BBX Capital’s Becky Cohen for A Team of One: Challenges and Advantages as she shares her trials and successes, as a one-person department with responsibility for more than 8,000 employees and close to 400 different locations.

Can you reimagine and redesign our entire profession in about an hour? It seems unlikely, but if we all start with a common set of principles that we all have learned from our own experiences, it might not be so unlikely as you think. In this interactive session Weird Science: Experience and Experiments to Change Our Practice of BC, Dr. David Lindstedt of Adaptive BC Solutions will collect and collate our real-world experiences with business continuity and use them to rethink the way we practice BC. If nothing else, at least you’ll walk away with a few new weird ideas of how to make your everyday work more interesting.

As the host of the VoiceAmerica internet radio show, Preparing for the Unexpected, the Alex Fullick has had the opportunity to speak with many individuals from various backgrounds and industries and discuss assorted topics in the BCM/DR/Resiliency realm. During I Heard it on the Internet! How Professionals Globally Deal Differently with BCM/Resiliency Challenges, Fullick will reference guests that have appeared on Preparing for the Unexpected, and discuss how some of these professionals, regardless of their global location, industry, profession, or specific topic of discussion, are addressing key challenges around the globe.

Business continuity professionals are too often “siloed” from emergency plans in their workplaces. This estrangement from emergency planning can be a single point of failure for your organization. You don’t have BC plans unless there is an emergency. Thus, BC mangers need to thoroughly understand and participate in emergency planning in order to make their BC plans effective and their organizations resilient.

As a result, Bo Mitchell of 911 Consulting will be presenting The 17 Gaps That Sabotage Your Emergency Plans & Their Impact on Business Continuity. In this session you’ll learn the 17 gaps that can sabotage your emergency plans today and how to fill them immediately

Today’s business world moves at a faster pace than it ever has, and it is important that business continuity professionals recognize the emerging issues that they will likely face in their professional careers.

To access the full program and learn more about the 2020 Continuity Insights Management Conference, click here.

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