A5: Reflections on Nashville Christmas Day Bombing
Ray Holloman, HCA Healthcare
On Christmas Day 2020, Nashville was struck by a bombing that took down phone service, Internet, and televisions throughout multiple states. This bombing showed what many of us in the industry already know: our telecommunications systems do not have the level of redundancy that would be expected for how highly available these systems should be.


B7: Buying Down the Risk of a Failed Ransomware Compromised Data Recovery Effort
John Beattie, Sungard Availability Services
In order to create the opportunity to extort a ransom payment, ransomware threat actors must make it compelling for you to consider it. They must make it a viable option – one you have to consider. In fact, they will be working diligently to make sure it’s your only option. And that happens when they successfully encrypt or disable your data replicas and backups as well as your production data. They must attack the data that you care about: data that’s important to your organization’s success; your “must-have” data; your vital data. They are thinking ahead. Are you? It is therefore essential to extend your thinking beyond your Cyber Security Incident Response Plan and your Disaster Recovery Plan. You need to think about a Cyber-compromised Data Recovery Management Program. This session will explore exactly that and what you need to put in place to have the right thinking, the right approach, the right team, the right plan, and the right capabilities that buy down your risk of a failed data recovery effort in the aftermath of a successful data compromising cyberattack.

C17: Cyber Resilience and Business Continuity: Establishing Cohesion Without Losing Your Marbles!
Raymond Seid, DRI International
Cyber resilience and business continuity – both are super important and both work best when they work together! That’s not easy to accomplish, but not to worry. Attend this mind-blowing session to learn how to establish cohesion between the two at an entity level without sacrificing your sanity.


D7: Developing KPIs for Organizational Resilience

Vik Bhatia, United Nations
The presentation will provide an overview of the ORMS (Organization Resilience Management System) at the United Nations headquarters. The discussion will cover how the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and criteria for completion or percentage completion were developed.