A6: Hackers, #Hashtags and Health Emergencies: Does Your Crisis Communications Plan Reflect Today’s Reality?
Suzanne Bernier, McKesson
Specific case studies and lessons learned from events like recent terror and mass attacks across the globe, ransomware attacks, severe weather events across North America, and of course, health emergencies like the pandemic. Lessons learned will be shared, as well as some of their communications challenges and successes. The session will also review traditional tips and tools required to ensure your organization can communicate effectively during any crisis, while avoiding any reputational damage or additional fall-out that could arise.


B5: Building and Conducting a Cyber Tabletop Exercise        
Kevin Johnson, Secure Ideas, and, Chris Duffy, Infinite Blue
This will be an interactive session where you will learn the foundations of building an effective Cyber Tabletop Exercise as well as participate in a specific scenario-based simulation as a stakeholder. Learn how to work together with various departments of your organization to better inform decision making. Assess the possible impacts of a cyber threat or attack. Identify areas of improvement for incident response best practices. Evaluate and clarify the different roles and responsibilities of individuals and teams within an organization      


C15: Recovery Strategies: Moving Beyond the Rubber Stamp
David Schwartz, Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, and Lauren Simmers
Recovery strategies are easy to overlook but extremely valuable in the overall maturation of a Business Continuity Program. This session will help develop and enhance recovery strategies by providing templates and industry best practices that will apply to any organization. It’s one thing to fulfill a regulatory requirement, but it’s much more valuable to make them actionable and tailored to the needs of the company. Takeaways: the scope of a recovery strategy, leverage “all-Hazards” methodology, develop a tactical approach to building strategies, and consider ongoing maintenance and exercises.


E11: A Tale of Our Community: Continuity and Crisis Response Strategies for Concurrent and Cascading Events
Terri Greenberg, Securian Financial
A panel of professionals from the local Minneapolis/St Paul business community sharing local perspectives on continuity and crisis management incidents and events. The panel will be comprised of professionals in Continuity and Crisis Management from a variety of industries representing Minnesota business and government. While COVID has been global, Minnesota was at the center of concurrent events when the death of George Floyd resulted in protests and violence in our community and across the Nation.