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Employees on the Way Out – Addressing Rampant Data Theft

We spend a significant amount of time protecting company assets from “outside incidents,” primarily cyber criminals looking to steal proprietary data. But what about employee data theft? “Insider incidents” have shot to the top of the list when it comes to employee data theft, especially when it comes to those who are on their way out.

Certain employees are more of a flight risk than others and a Securonix study finds 80% of those employees steal data that belongs to their former employer. And according to Securonix, those businesses most affected by insider theft are pharmaceutical, IT, and financial industries.

Currently, there’s no easy answer to entirely stop the data theft problem, but security professionals realize the threat insider attacks present for all enterprise and they’re actively working on ways to solve it. In the meantime, there are steps businesses can take to begin minimizing the threat of their data walking out the door.

Read the full story via the SoS Daily News.

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