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Strategic Crisis Advisors Acquired by Witt O’Brien’s

Crisis management consulting firm Strategic Crisis Advisors LLC has announced that it has been acquired by Witt O’Brien’s, LLC. Specializing in corporate preparedness, Strategic Crisis Advisors work with multinational clients to prepare for man-made and natural disruptions by developing robust crisis management programs that include innovative planning, training, and exercises.

Strategic Crisis Advisors has grown consistently since its foundation in 2014, serving a range of Fortune 500 companies that include leading social media platforms, professional services firms, retail chains, universities, manufacturers, and others. The company will retain its Atlanta-based headquarters and its entire consulting team will join Witt O’Brien’s.

“SCA and Witt O’Brien’s share the same mission: to help our clients save lives and protect value by being as resilient as possible to disruption,” said Grace Burley, SCA’s Managing Partner. “We’re excited to join forces with the industry leader. As companies and governments face more frequent disruption, we look forward to bringing innovative solutions to their complex needs.”

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