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BC in the Cloud Rebrands, Enters Low-Code Development Platform Market

BC in the Cloud has announced its rebranding as Infinite Blue while simultaneously expanding its enterprise application business into the low-code application platform-as-a-service(aPaaS) market with its acquisition of Rollbase.

The Rollbase low-code development platform helps customers to deliver agile, adaptable business applications quickly, increasing speed to market. Infinite Blue’s new offering – Infinite Blue Platform – will combine a low-code development platform with a flexible deployment architecture to make it easier than ever to build, deploy, and manage business applications. The company will use the Infinite Blue Platform to power its own business applications, as well as licensing it to others.

“We have been building our enterprise applications using Rollbase for some time now,” said Frank Shultz, President of Infinite Blue. “We made the strategic decision to acquire the platform and accelerate its roadmap to advance our applications more quickly.”

The inherent value of Infinite Blue’s low-code development platform is that it brings the Business and IT together, enabling more rapid, iterative and collaborative development. Applications can be rapidly built, seamlessly deployed and easily changed–all without the need for low-level coding. In addition, these platforms provide an excellent communication mechanism to align business and IT stakeholders, thereby ensuring greater software quality and more successful business outcomes.

With Infinite Blue Platform, anyone can transform their idea into a business quickly. The model-driven development framework makes for quick prototyping of new applications and its data integration hub makes it easy to integrate new applications with existing systems.

While the name is new, the product represents the latest evolution of the Rollbase low-code development platform, recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor in PaaS.” Infinite Blue acquired Rollbase in April 2019 and has already begun implementing significant improvements to the platform.

The platform provides multiple ways to deploy applications over public clouds, private clouds, or on-premises depending on the customer’s needs.

“By using Infinite Blue Platform, entrepreneurs, independent software vendors, business users and subject matter experts (SMEs) can quickly turn their ideas into working prototypes or even businesses within weeks or months, and iterate, just as fast, as their idea evolves allowing them to keep pace with change,” said Adam Day, VP of Platform Strategy at Infinite Blue. “Our mission is to provide the fastest and easiest low-code platform for building cloud-based business applications.”

“We want to make it easier for anyone to turn a bright idea into a successful SaaS business than ever before,” said Shultz. “We are seeing a shift in the market from legacy commercial software platforms towards low-code application platforms as a service (aPaaS). Infinite Blue Platform is designed to provide what customers need to build and deploy their applications with ease.”

“We are big fans of the Infinite Blue Platform,” said Gavin Johns, Director at SamePage Group. “It is fundamental to our business strategy.”

“Our business revolves around automation of, and integration with, the applications our customers run their businesses on,” said Paul Spencer, Director at Codeless Platforms. “We rely on the Infinite Blue Platform to extend customer applications cost-effectively. We have found it to be very flexible and it provides an easy way to add extra functionality to existing applications.”

“Brixxs offers mobile and software solutions for various verticals and we rely on Infinite Blue Platform to make that possible,” said Astrid Rotsteeg at Brixxs. “We rely on it for rapid development of stand-alone applications as well as building extensions to existing applications our customers use.”

“We are extremely pleased that Infinite Blue has acquired the Rollbase technology,” said Dean Garfinkel, COO at Jungle Lasers. “We have seen the roadmap, and they have an exciting strategy and vision for the future.”

Infinite Blue is headquartered in Collegeville, PA. Learn more here.

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