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Just two days after it reported that David R. Smith, a senior level executive with more than 25 years of experience leading publicly traded companies, has joined the company as its new President and CEO, AlertSense has announced that it is changing its name to KONEXUS to better reflect its focus in helping all types of organizations, public and private, more effectively communicate and collaborate.

“The name KONEXUS communicates the essence of what we do – connect people and information,” said KONEXUS CEO David Smith. “The pronunciation communicates it, and in addition, the word ‘nexus’ in the name highlights connections and linking. Our mission is to help people connect and collaborate to accelerate resolution of any incident or crisis.”

Following on the heels of hiring a new CEO and changing its name, KONEXUS is releasing a new version of its platform. The release builds on the platform’s existing all-in-one, easy-to-use capabilities to significantly advance the way organizations communicate and collaborate to expedite business resiliency, increase operational efficiency and accelerate crisis resolution. This power is packaged in a mobile-first application, making crisis resolution truly mobile, just like our lives.

Headlining the release is mobile access to critical, role-based content, such as business continuity plans, information technology/disaster recovery (IT/DR) plans, incident guides and operational best practices. This gives users instant access to critical information specific to their role and location, promoting faster response and resolution to any incident. This content is accessible even when cellular networks and internet are not available.

The name change, and new release are the latest significant developments for the company, which was originally founded on a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assist the federal government in implementing a public alerting system. Given the company’s history and brand recognition among state and local government, it will retain the AlertSense name in the public sector.

“This name change to KONEXUS highlights our expertise in the enterprise market, but the AlertSense brand carries significant value in the government sector, representing years of helping governments keep their citizens safe,” said Von Hansen, executive chairman.

More news about KONEXUS and new CEO David Smith can be found via its redesigned website.




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