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Continuity Insights Management Conference

The importance of consulting subject matter experts on a wide-range of critical BC/DR issue cannot be overstated. It’s the reason why Continuity Insights invites recognized subject matter experts to be part of its annual Management Conference – to stimulate conversations and answer your relevant business continuity and resiliency questions with authority, credibility, and insight. By providing thoughtful answers to your critical questions, these SMEs will help you establish the credibility within your own company to speak to with authority as you work toward building a more resilient organization.

The 2018 Continuity Insights Management Conference has scheduled four topical “Ask the Panels” for this year’s event, April 23-24 at the Hilton Miami Downtown, Miami, Florida. This year’s panels will be devoted to the following topics.

Exercise Facilitation Techniques
Exercises are an excellent tool to develop competencies, create organizational awareness, identify opportunities for improvement, engage management, and prove that response and recovery capabilities work. Our panel is highly experienced in developing and facilitating exercise sessions that dramatically improve preparedness and management buy-in. This session will be a highly interactive discussion of ideas and techniques, ensuring that attendees leave with relevant and usable takeaways.

Major Challenges to Implementing an Effective Risk Mitigation Program and How to Overcome Them
This expert panel will include an overview of many key techniques relating to implementing your Business Continuity and Insider Threat processes. There are many textbook definitions and opinions as to what makes your Risk Mitigation program a success, yet many believe an effective program is one that is recognized as having business value. How do you accomplish this? Risk Mitigation may be a Business Continuity program in one organization, or a separate program in another. What are some of the many obstacles you will likely face on getting personnel at all levels and job functions to “buy into your risk mitigation process?” Specific topics presented will include who you should engage, what are the most common issues that could stall your progress and the impact of human element factors as a key contributor to your program’s continued success.

The Case for Developing Organizational Resilience Capability
Out-of-the-box thinking and taking creative, innovative actions to address those ideas are a few of the keys to developing the capability for organizational resilience. Attendees will learn of and discuss examples of creative and innovative actions taken to improve the resilience capability of the organizations profiled. This session will consist of a series of five to seven-minute presentations by various practitioners on innovative approaches that have been taken to enhance organizational resilience capability that were neither intuitive nor obvious and the capabilities that have been put in place.

Millennials: The Future of Business Continuity
As baby boomers approach the backside of their careers, the long-term future of our profession falls squarely upon Millennials. This select panel of experienced and ambitious millennial professionals will share their thoughts, experiences, and answers to such questions as: How must communication channels change? How do we create a positive environment where all constituents flourish? How best do we execute this institutional knowledge transfer? What tools, metrics, methodology, and other skills need to improve to ensure collective success? How do we hire, train, manage, and retain millennial talent? Please come with your questions for this highly interactive session.

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