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Agility Launches New Intuitive Tool for Business Continuity Planning

Organizations are becoming more aware of the importance of a proper Business Continuity toolkit when it comes to resilience. In response, business continuity provider Agility Recovery has introduced its newest tool, Agility Planner which offers a centralized, all-in-one approach to business continuity planning that streamlines and simplifies the process.

As the only solution on the market that features templates and historical data, Agility Planner allows organizations to benefit from the right guidance with simple, actionable steps to follow and address the gaps and weaknesses in their business continuity plans.

“Our recent survey revealed that 82% of respondents are making changes to their business continuity plans since the onset of COVID-19, and more than 40% have not trained their employees or tested plans since updating them,” explained Jon Bahl, CEO of Agility Recovery. “Building or updating a business continuity plan doesn’t have to include hiring an expensive consultant, building a dedicated team, or outsourcing multiple vendors to manage incident management, physical recovery, or testing and training processes.”

Forward-looking features such as built-in calendar reminders and online training ensure timely execution of all tasks and quick adjustments to any organizational changes. Agility Planner comes packed with audit-ready plans for easy reference, access to historical data, and centralized document storage, making it simple to involve the entire organization. Once the plan is in place, improve stakeholder engagement by creating and sharing a summary report of performance measures and metrics—in real time. “By adding Agility Planner to our suite of solutions, we give you even broader access to our historical knowledge and field-tested expertise. We strive to solve the most critical business continuity phases—prepare, respond, and recover,” said Ron Curtis, SVP, Product at Agility Recovery.

With this new addition to its Business Continuity toolkit, Agility continues to grow its industry expertise and position as the most comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery provider on the market. Through several smart acquisitions, including Rentsys, Preparis for emergency notifications, and recently Recovery Solutions, Agility has built and expanded its products and services portfolio to provide a complete business continuity solution through a single partner and a central platform.

Watch this short video to see how Agility is helping businesses of all sizes across various industries plan, train, test, alert, and recover – all from one central software platform.

For more information visit Agility Recovery.

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