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Securing Sensitive Data: Most Organizations Lack Confidence

2023 State of Data Security & Management Report reveals alarming truths about the current state of data security and management.

Securing Sensitive Data:

The rapid proliferation of cloud services has introduced extensive concerns around data security and risk management, concludes a recent study. The 2023 State of Data Security & Management Report by BigID, Cohesity and Tenable reveals alarming truths about the current state of data security and management in organizations. The study’s findings expose the challenges surrounding data security, and highlights the urgent need for improvements to enhance data security posture.

Key survey findings include:

  • Only 44% are confident their data in the cloud is secured and protected.
  • Nearly 7 in 10 (67%) lack full confidence in their ability to recover after a system-wide cyber attack.
  • Almost 90% acknowledge the importance of interoperability and collaboration among cybersecurity vendors.

“It’s not a surprise that over half of organizations still struggle with securing data in the cloud. The reality is most organization’s data is scattered across different environments and varies by type,” said Tyler Young, CISO of BigID. “That’s why solutions like BigID that enable organizations to know and control their data become ever more critical.”

“Companies cannot afford to be offline and unable to maintain operations, especially for more than a day,” commented Brian Spanswick, chief information security officer and head of IT, Cohesity. “However, the stark reality is that many organizations are vulnerable to leverage from cyber criminals because they are incapable of rapidly recovering their data and business processes when necessary. Therefore, it’s no surprise that 9 in 10 respondents also said their business would consider paying a ransom to maintain continuity.”

To learn more, download your copy of the 2023 State of Data Security & Management Report.


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