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New Webinar: Ransomware Attack (Useful Data) – A Real Time Action Plan Across the Enterprise   

Continuity Insights has announced that Ransomware Attack – Useful Data: CLDigital’s Real Time Action Plan Across the Enterprise will be the featured topic during the next installment of its critically-acclaimed webinar series scheduled for Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. ET. REGISTER

The panic of losing control of your key systems to cyber incidents and ransomware attacks is real. At the time of attack, all focus shifts: stop the bleeding and reclaim your data and systems immediately. In that moment of chaos, senior leaders need to understand the relationships between people, processes, technologies to determine the best course of action.

Learn how ransomware attacks are evolving and how resilience professionals can be the ‘data scientist’ in the room. Please join this Continuity Insights webinar with our featured presenters Tejas Katwala, CEO, and David Mack, SVP, of CLDigital as they guide through real-time situational awareness during a cyber event.

Register for Ransomware Attack – Useful Data: CLDigital’s Real Time Action Plan Across the Enterprise here.

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