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New Webinar: How to Prepare the Workplace for a Return to Work

Chris Sarcletti, Manager of Business Continuity for Alliant Credit Union, will join Continuity Insights for its next webinar, “How to Prepare the Workplace for a Return to Work,” scheduled for Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

Bringing your employees back to the workplace safely in the midst of a crisis presents a number of office and employee challenges. A clear strategy is required to ensure employee well-being as you manage health and safety protocols, social distancing, disinfecting and cleaning, supplies, and office culture.

In “How to Prepare the Workplace for a Return to Work,” Sarcletti will discuss return to work considerations including:

  • When and how
  • Hoteling
  • In-office protocols
  • Employee culture
  • Long-term real estate concerns
  • And cost concerns

Additionally, Sarcletti will address the key engagement partners in managing the return to work: Human Resources, Technology, Facilities, and Division Management.

Register for “How to Prepare the Workplace for a Return to Work,” here.

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