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Did You Miss Our Webinar on Operational Resilience?

Operational resilience continues to influence the way we think about preventing, responding, recovering and learning from disruption.

View this free webinar as Mike Keating of Reinsurance Group and Brian Zawada of Riskonnect discuss their passion for the promise of “op res”, and cover the following four key topics:

  • Why organizations all around the world in all industries are excited and realizing value in operational resilience.
  • The core operational resilience elements that increase focus, engagement, and ultimately resilience.
  • The relationship between operational resilience thinking and more traditional business continuity concepts.
  • Recommendations to get started and keep momentum.

You don’t need to be a regulated financial services company to realize the value of operational resilience, so watch today to learn more and receive practical examples that will “move the needle”!

View the archived recording now.

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