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Continuity Insights: Resilience Is A Team Sport

Ray Bonilla, Meta, discusses his session topic for the 21st Annual Continuity Insights Management Conference: Resilience Is A Team Sport — Driving Broader Organization Engagement And Impact.

How To Ensure Employee Safety, Business Continuity As Crises Mount

Overhauling or even fine-tuning emergency preparedness and response plans can feel daunting. Here's where to start. 

Continuity Insights: 5 Business Resiliency Standard Takeaways

Carol DeLatte, Exeter Finance, discusses her session topic for the 21st Annual Continuity Insights Management Conference: Business resiliency, business continuity, and disaster recovery standards.

Returning To The Office? 10 Tips To Minimize Data Security Risks

New survey finds 77 percent of business managers believe their organizations are likely to experience a data breach in the next three years.

Severe Weather: Protecting Facilities With Technology

How innovative weather technology protects utility providers and supports better emergency response coordination during weather disasters

New Webinar: Level-Up Your Fire Preparedness Strategy

Continuity Insights has announced that Level-Up Your Fire Preparedness Strategy has been scheduled as the next installment in its critically-acclaimed webinar series. The broadcast will take place on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. ET. Register. The National Fire Protection Association reports that U.S. fire departments respond to nearly ... Read more

Enabling Behaviors that Increase Resilience

By ICOR: In a world where the only constant is change, embracing a culture of collaboration and inclusion is essential for businesses to grow and thrive. Collaboration – and it is a skill that can be learned and honed – is an enabler of true teamwork across an organization resulting ... Read more

How You Can Champion Diversity and Inclusion Within Your SMB

By Grace Murphy: Striving to promote genuine diversity and inclusion within your business is a noble goal, and it’s one that is widely recognized by the public as a necessary endeavor for all businesses if they want to develop their respect and status. This diversity can benefit your business significantly ... Read more

New Survey: BCI Continuity and Resilience Report 2022

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) is reintroducing back into its portfolio the Continuity and Resilience Report for 2022. The report is sponsored by Castellan. The survey will be developed into an insightful report examining: How Business Continuity and Resilience are perceived within an organization and their place within an organizational ... Read more

How to Prepare an Emergency Response Plan for Your Organization

By Julia Tasiopoulos, Rave Mobile Safety: Businesses must create and implement a comprehensive emergency response plan in the event of an emergency in the workplace. No matter what industry your company is in and no matter what kind of work you do, having such a plan can prevent lasting physical ... Read more

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