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BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report 2019

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has announced that the Supply Chain Resilience Report 2019 is now available for download on its website. The 2019 report examines the disruptions organizations have experienced in their supply chain over the past twelve months, top-of-mind concerns for professionals over the next five years, how technology is influencing the supply chain, the consequences of disruption and the uptake and effectiveness of insurance for supply chain losses.

Key findings indicate that less than a quarter (23.3%) of organizations now report that their organization does not record, measure and report on supply chain disruptions – the lowest figure in the 10 years this report has been published. However, co-ordinated reporting has dropped from 30.0% to 25.0% – a disappointing figure given BCI research has shown an increased focus on holistic organizational resilience over the past year.

Additionally, the top five disruptions over the past year remain unchanged with telecommunications outages remaining the primary cause for disruption.

Unplanned IT and telecommunications outages accounted for 44.1% of disruptions in 2019. Interestingly, despite cyber-attack and data breach only causing 26.1% of disruptions in the past year, it is the most top-of-mind disruption for professionals over the next year with 61.7% of it rating it as their primary concern.

The full report is available for download via

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