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Webinar Announcement: New Date Scheduled

As Hurricane Florence poses imminent danger to our families, friends, and colleagues in the Carolinas and Virginia, we felt that it was in the best interests of everyone to postpone our webinar – So, You Have a Disaster… Now What? – originally scheduled for today, September 13, until next Wednesday, September 19. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

As continuity professionals, we can all appreciate the efforts required to prepare for the threat of a major storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by Florence.

Disaster can strike at any time and as business continuity professionals, it’s our duty to be prepared, putting in countless hours and dedicating significant resources to build the ultimate plan. This webinar will address some very valuable and real lessons learned as a major organization’s corporate campus recovered from a nine-day outage.

Respected industry authority Tom Serio will lead the discussion and walk you through a real-life disaster that impacted a large business and forced it to enact all of its business continuity plans. He’ll take you on an up-close, inside look at the reality of the situation: What was upper management thinking? Was the entire team prepared to act? And finally, how quickly and successfully did employees get back to work?

Join the discussion and learn how to successfully implement your BCP, develop a disaster checklist, reduce business disruptions, and be fully prepared for a disaster. Attendees will learn how to successfully implement their BCP; develop a disaster checklist; reduce business disruptions; be fully prepared for a disaster; develop a communication matrix; and keep employees informed of available service.

There’s still time to register for So, You Have a Disaster… Now What? Register here.

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