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Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 9:45 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.





A6 – The Workplace Violence Awareness Program at BMO Harris


Chris Sarcletti and Bill Simmons, BMO Harris
Created by the Business Continuity Office in collaboration with its Security Department, the BMO Harris Workplace Violence Awareness Program was introduced to employees via face-to-face sessions. This presentation will review the topics included in the program:


  • Incident Response Overview
  • Workplace Violence Indicators
  • Responding to Workplace Violence
  • Profile of an Active Shooter
  • Responding to an Active Shooter Incident
  • Preparation

B11 – Adaptive Business Continuity: How to Design BC Strategies and Plans that Work
(Note: Breakout Sessions B11, B12 and B13 are part of the Adaptive Business Continuity Series. Attending one individually or collectively is at the discretion of the attendee)
Timothe Graziani, CAPRESILIENCIA
As we are facing new kind of threats and major changes in many industries, our traditional way of doing Business Continuity is coming to its end.  Strategies became inefficient or not realistic and many plans are simply not working when an event strike.  Let’s review what is going on and how we can improve our way of doing BC with our strategies and our plans with some real cases. A review of the traditional BCM strategies and plans  What should we expect from strategies and plans?  How to improve the methodology?  What plans work and why?  Some examples and real cases will be shared.


C10 – Back to the Basics: How to Tackle Common Testing Challenges
Joel Navarro, Mary Kay, and Steve O’Neal, Agility Recovery
Whether you’re a business continuity veteran or just getting started, the same obstacles to a successful exercise pop up time and time again. In this session, the presenters will discuss proven tactics for addressing common business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) testing challenges. To help you get the most out of your next exercise, you’ll learn about strategies for gaining management support, getting IT on board, having all the resources required for the test in place ahead of time, and building on the BC/DR plan after the exercise.

C11 – Disaster Recovery Preparedness: Is It Worth the Investment?   
Joseph George, Sungard Availability Services
You might be struggling to justify your investment in disaster recovery (DR) because you’re not able to sufficiently quantify the return on investment. Like most companies, you’re focused on putting that money towards sales, technology updates, or other areas that will help grow your business. However, failing to invest adequately in disaster recovery carries its own risks and costs. So how do you justify the cost of DR preparedness to the higher-ups and what’s the best path forward? It starts with gaining a better understanding of your technology infrastructure and critical applications and the risks your organization faces, as well as the amount of data loss and downtime you can afford.

D3 – Learn from the Past to be Prepared for the Future – A Readiness Time-lapse             
Frank Shultz, BC in the Cloud
With the proliferation of social media and 24-hour news cycles, it can feel like things are worse today than ever before. Are we actually worse off now than we were 20 years ago? Does historical data support a conclusion one way or the other? What can we do better moving forward? With the social media explosion and 24-hour news cycles, it can feel like things are worse today than ever before. Are we actually worse off now than we were 20 years ago? Does historical data support a conclusion one way or the other? Let’s learn from the past what we can do better to move forward.   

G3 – Tales from the Real World         
Mark Carroll, Income Research + Management
What can we learn from the experiences, travails, challenges of the experts? In this session approximately 10 individuals, collectively with over 200 years of BCDR experience will be assembled to present their unique challenge or mini-case that they have experienced that is outside of the business continuity norm; something that you can’t address from a textbook of best practices. A cadre of experts will each relay an example of a method, practice, use-case, etc. that they have used or plan to use that is outside of the BC/DR norm.     

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