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The Salvation Army Initiates Disaster Relief Due To Flooding

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Simultaneous heat relief services are activated due to extreme heat across the country.

After experiencing torrential downpours and unprecedented flooding in Vermont and other parts of the Northeast, The Salvation Army swiftly activated its Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) response to provide critical assistance to the affected communities.

After a series of forceful storms on Monday, the region faced devastating 1-in-100-year floods, leading to widespread destruction of homes, businesses, and essential infrastructure. In light of the pressing need for support, The Salvation Army mobilized its network of trained disaster experts and volunteers to offer aid on the ground.

Collaborating closely with state and local emergency management agencies, as well as other social services organizations, The Salvation Army is actively monitoring the ongoing impacts and responding to emerging needs. Corporate partners like UPS have also joined forces to lend their support. UPS has shipped one thousand cleanup kits to Vermont, helping The Salvation Army to address the immediate cleanup needs and provide crucial assistance to those affected by the disaster.

To date, The Salvation Army’s Northern New England Division EDS teams have provided Vermont and the surrounding areas with:

• 6,472 meals and snacks
• 22,968 drinks
• 474 gallons of water
• 756 cleanup kits
• 91 emotional and spiritual care connections
• $13,800 in gift cards

In addition to the flooding in the Northeast, The Salvation Army has also activated relief efforts across the country in response to the historic coast-to-coast heat dome many states are experiencing. Excessive heat watches and warnings or heat advisories affect more than 100 million people and cover 15 states, including Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida.

As the heat wave is expected to strengthen to sustained temperatures of more than 100 degrees, The Salvation Army relief efforts include cooling stations to offer shade and hydration to those at risk of heat-related conditions as well as distributing box fans to those without air conditioning.

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