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The Results Are In: 2019 Business Continuity Compensation Assessment

Firestorm has released the results of its 17th annual Business Continuity Compensation Assessment which analyzes the factors that impact the earning potential for Business Continuity/Resiliency professionals. The study is comprehensive in assessing everything from job responsibilities, degree, years of expertise, industry, previous career, certification, geography, management skills, leadership credentials, bonus potential, benefits and job satisfaction ratings.

The 2019 report has taken the study assessment a step further in analyzing trends in gender and ethnicity, as well as dissecting how the Business Continuity profession has evolved over two decades.

The 2019 study continues to highlight that professionals with proven, real-world experience, defined soft skills and leadership expertise, on average, will out earn their counterparts. An exceptional, robust business continuity program is defined by the individuals behind it.

Organizations view leaders within the profession as potential champions, armed with the secrets and real-world experience to drive their Business Continuity/Resiliency programs at every level within their organizations.

The study results indicate that developing presentation and publishing skills can potentially yield a substantial increase in earning potential. In fact, the study revealed that professionals with refined presentation skills can earn, on average, up to 47% more than their peers who choose not to present. At the same time those professionals with substantial publishing expertise may potentially earn up to 34% more than their non-published peers. Those who choose to serve on a related Business Continuity/Resiliency professional board may, on average, out earn their peers by 37%.

Read the complete overview and download the full report via Firestorm.


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