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R3 Continuum Launches Emotional Comfortability Index to Gauge Stress Levels Across the United States

R3 Continuum (R3c) has announced the launch of its new Emotional Comfortability Index (ECI) that measures the current stress levels of the states in comparison to one another. The index gives employers a tool to monitor and assess potential organizational, behavioral, security, and crisis support needs based on workplace locations.

Updated weekly, the index is based on a proprietary algorithm, as well as internal and external data sets, such as: economic indicators, personal stressors, COVID-19 stressors, executive stressors, workplace violence and threat responses, and R3c’s crisis response data from responding to as many as hundreds of situations each day..

R3c analysts aggregate the data by state, and organizations can then use it to assess the potential organizational, behavioral, security, and crisis support needs based on their workplace locations. This valuable information provides organizations with a gauge for monitoring potential stress levels among their employees, clients, and leaders, providing a resource for aiding in important associated business decisions.

“We are committed to helping organizations across the United States ensure the psychological and physical safety of their employees,” said Jim Mortensen, R3 Continuum president. “Now, more than ever, employers are faced with complex and challenging circumstances.  Our proprietary Emotional Comfortability Index gives them a useful tool and information that can help with navigating through these uncertain times.”

R3 Continuum will be providing a weekly updated ECI map on its website:, as well as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. A brief summary analysis of observed trends in regard to stress levels will accompany the updated map.

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