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Noggin Modules for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Global safety and security technology for incident management and organizational resilience provider Noggin has developed two free Noggin Epidemic Response Modules – one for businesses managing their corporate response to COVID-19, and one for public health authorities and healthcare agencies.

The Noggin Epidemic Response Modules were created to help agencies and businesses respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by helping to protect their staff, operations, and communities from the virus threat.

The Epidemic Response Module for Healthcare features a set of dashboards for organizations to prepare for, and manage their response to, the COVID-19 pandemic, including temporary clinics, beds and test facilities.

The Epidemic Response Module for Businesses dashboards allow organizations to prepare for, and manage their corporate response by providing situational awareness, supply chain impact, risks, and disruption management, authoritative guidelines, maps, and facts, and more.

Learn more about the COVID-19 Response Nodules at Noggin.

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