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NEDRIX Annual Spring Conference Scheduled

The Annual NEDRIX Spring Conference will be held May 16, 2019 at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts in downtown Boston. This year’s conference program focuses on key topics of importance to disaster recovery professionals from beginner to expert.

Planned sessions include: “The Corporate Headquarters is on Fire!,” a revealing look at a fire that took place at an area corporate headquarters and how it significantly impacted operations and personnel for many months; “Rapid Communications,” which will discuss the role of critical and rapid communications between onsite staff, security, and law enforcement, during an active threat event; and “Orchestrating Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Integration,” which will address the challenges in attempting to harmonize continuity and disaster recovery needs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is located at 101 Huntington Avenue, Suite 1300, Boston, MA. Registration is now open.

View the full NEDRIX conference program here.

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