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iluminr and James Green Partner to Modernize the Resilience Industry

To help practitioners navigate the new resilience landscape, rapidly growing tech company iluminr is has announced the signing of risk and resilience evangelist James Green as its new Strategic Advisor.

The announcement comes on the heels of Resilience experiencing its watershed moment with practitioners everywhere feeling the shift. The discipline has changed and with this comes a thirst for new methodologies and a new approach – engagement-driven resilience.

“When we met James, it became immediately obvious that we were talking with someone not only passionate about resilience, but someone who was absolutely dedicated to evolving the discipline forward. We’re thrilled to have him join iluminr as a Strategic Advisor as we continue to break new ground and bring resilience to life,” says Marcus Vaughan – Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer.

“I’m excited to partner with iluminr as a Strategic Advisor and look forward to helping them shape and change our profession,” says James. “With the rapidly changing threat landscape, resilience professionals need more than white papers based on outdated methodologies. They need honest advice and modern solutions that translate into real outcomes.”

Bringing Resilience to Life
With decades of industry experience from building the southern hemisphere’s largest resilience consulting practice, Co-Founder and CEO, Joshua Shields, together with Marcus Vaughan, have now set out to tackle the discipline’s greatest emerging challenges.

iluminr, a modern platform designed to supercharge engagement in resilience, streamline preparedness and empower response, has been delivering organizations around the world, unparalleled results. Using simple to use tools and immersive methodologies such as Microsimulations, iluminr has already proven to lift engagement in organizational resilience by 300% over the past quarter alone.

iluminr Landing in the US
James Green will be joining iluminr co-founders Joshua Shields and Marcus Vaughan on a roadshow across the US from February 2022 as they deliver on their mission to help clients become more resilient.

“iIuminr are excited to be championing resilience managers across the US, by delivering real innovation to a market tired of legacy technology providers,” says Joshua, Co-Founder and CEO.

“We’re seeing resilience managers worldwide rethink processes, methodologies and technology that haven’t kept up with today’s complex and rapidly changing environment.”

iluminr is already operational in the US, working with industry associations, government agencies and financial institutions.

About iluminr
iluminr is a rapidly growing tech company empowering resilience managers to deliver real impact and bring resilience to life. Through the world’s leading response-first platform, iluminr helps practitioners build capability, detect threats, communicate with people, and coordinate response, to any threat. Learn more about iluminr at

James Green has worked on risk events that have occurred all over the globe, whether it was civil unrest in Egypt during the Arab Spring or typhoons in the Pacific Rim.  He holds multiple risk management certifications and is a sought-after speaker on the topics of risk and resilience.  In 2020 he was named the Business Continuity Institute’s Continuity and Resilience Consultant of the Americas, becoming the first person to be honored with this award twice. In 2021 he was one of the global Co-Founders of the Resilience Think Tank, which is dedicated to providing guidance and research to the risk and resilience industry.

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