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FEMA Region II Shelter-in-Place Workshop Scheduled for CI New York Conference

FEMA Shelter in Place

Shelter-in-place workshops are intended to provide participants with the ability to exchange best practices and evaluate potential solutions to challenges associated with major disasters requiring shelter-in-place.

The FEMA Region II Shelter-in-Place Workshop is a facilitated discussion that focuses on identifying challenges you may encounter with sheltering people in place for an extended period of time. Through presentations and group discussions, you will look at the immediate actions necessary to secure your facility and people inside, and then the long-term challenges unique to your facility or business that may occur if you are required to hold people inside for up to 72 hours.

David Fortino, Regional Continuity Manager, FEMA Region II, will conduct the workshop utilizing the scenario of an Improvised Nuclear Device as the “worst of the worst” case scenario in order to bring to light many challenges you may face on other natural and manmade disasters.

The three main objectives associated with the exercise:

  1. Discuss the appropriate actions to take in order to ensure employees and the general public are protected for an extended period of time during a shelter-in-place event, including those employees with access and functional needs;
  2. Identify opportunities to strengthen employee resilience to ensure the organization can adapt to, withstand, and quickly recover from a major disaster; and
  3. Discuss potential challenges and identify recommended solutions to ensure effective communication with all employees and the general public, including those with access and functional needs and those not present at the time of the disaster, were discussed in depth.

Learn more and register for the Continuity Insights 2017 New York Conference, scheduled for October 23-24, at the TKP Conference Center in New York City.

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