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AlertMedia Announces Direct Access to Global Intelligence Team During Critical Events 

AlertMedia, the world’s leading threat intelligence and emergency communication provider, has announced the global availability of Analyst Access, the first solution to offer organizations direct, around-the-clock access to a team of expert threat intelligence analysts during emergencies and other critical events.

Through Analyst Access, customers now interact directly with AlertMedia’s Global Intelligence Team via an in-product, secure chat experience to obtain context, clarity, and insight on developing threats occurring near employees, facilities, and assets.

The capabilities represent a significant enhancement to the company’s Threat Intelligence product, providing an industry-first combination of a verified threat intelligence feed, dedicated analyst support, and the ability to collaborate in real time with like-minded safety and security professionals from multiple organizations.

From civil unrest and public health crises to severe weather and supply chain disruptions, the number of threats that impact businesses and their employees continues to increase. However, today’s security teams responsible for crisis management, asset protection, and business operations are constantly inundated with information, often full of false positives, making it nearly impossible to quickly identify which threats require immediate escalation. AlertMedia’s real-time, human-verified Threat Intelligence enables safety leaders to monitor and identify threats to their employees and operations and issue emergency notifications to impacted groups from a single interface.

“Incidents that put an organization’s people and operations at risk can escalate quickly with dire consequences,” said Sara Pratley, Vice President of Global Intelligence at AlertMedia. “Our Global Intelligence Team is comprised of security leaders and former military intelligence analysts, law enforcement, and journalists, and they understand that during emergencies, seconds matter. With the launch of Analyst Access, customers can easily solicit additional information about events so they feel confident about their decisions, accelerating response time when it matters most.”

As the only risk monitoring solution that offers human-vetted intelligence and analyst support, AlertMedia enables organizations to identify, contextualize, and communicate threats to impacted groups up to 30 minutes faster than legacy solutions.

“When emergencies occur, our employees look to us as a source of truth, security, and support,” said Scott Kamlet, Director of Asset Protection at Crate & Barrel Holdings. “Analyst Access provides our team with clarity and peace of mind as we manage any critical event. We can easily navigate the entire lifecycle of a threat with confidence, from early detection to communication to resolution, with the support of trained analysts at AlertMedia.”

Key features of Analyst Access include:

  • Access to a world-class Global Intelligence Team: Through Analyst Access, safety and security personnel can interact directly with AlertMedia’s Global Intelligence Team, comprised of expert analysts with decades of combined experience monitoring and delivering threat intelligence for the CIA, FBI, U.S. Army, and many of the world’s largest corporations and intelligence firms.
  • Faster, analyst-vetted intelligence: AlertMedia’s Global Intelligence Team monitors thousands of data sources, identifies early signs of threats, verifies information, and delivers relevant alerts to its customers and their employees. Through Analyst Access, security teams can quickly and easily solicit details pertaining to any threat content or developing incident spanning a wide variety of events, including severe weather, crime, protests and demonstrations, supply chain disruptions, and more.
  • Global, secure chat room: With Analyst Access, customers can now inquire about any alert in a global chat room, in which case an analyst on the Global Intelligence Team would respond. Customers can view discussions on an active event and collaborate with other impacted organizations to further reduce response times.
  • Streamlined response workflows: Receive threat insights, gather context, send notifications, and manage communications from a single interface. Whether in the office or on the go, AlertMedia’s desktop and full-featured mobile app enable organizations to save time and effectively manage an emergency from detection to response to recovery.

Those interested in learning more about Analyst Access are invited to attend a live webinar on Thursday, August 25. Register here.

To learn more about AlertMedia, visit www.alertmedia.com/threat-intelligence or request a live demo.

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