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Witt O’Brien’s and BC Management Launch Annual Event Impact Management Study

Witt O’Brien’s has announced that it will be an official sponsor of the 9th Annual Event Impact Management Study and will partner with the owner of the study, BC Management, a division of Castellan Solutions.

The study assesses how organizations prepare for events and how those events impact organizations. The findings will highlight activation of business continuity plans, impacts to business and personnel, downtime experienced, overall financial loss, and lessons learned.

“We believe the findings from this year’s Event Impact Management Study will be more important than ever. In addition to the serious implications for people’s health, COVID-19 has significantly disrupted organizations across the globe,” said Devin Sirmenis, Managing Director, Corporate Resilience. “The pandemic has offered never-before-seen challenges, many of which existing business continuity programs and teams were not prepared to handle.”

Witt O’Brien’s is supporting dozens of organizations with their COVID-19 response, including multinational businesses in financial services, transportation, technology, manufacturing, energy, and media. In the public sector, this support includes states, territories, counties, hospitals, health systems, and universities across the United States. Witt O’Brien’s helps organizations maximize access to Federal response funding and augment emergency operations.

To participate in the 2020 Event Impact Management Study, please click here.

The survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and individual contact and organization information remain confidential. The deadline to participate is December 16, 2020, and all survey respondents will receive a complimentary copy of the report as well as a consultation session with a seasoned Witt O’Brien’s practitioner.

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