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The Violence Prevention Formula – Part 1: Awareness Training

Are you active on social media? Do you watch any television? Still read a newspaper? Even if you answered no to each of these questions, there’s no escaping the fact that news of violent events travels fast. And with new incidents happening almost daily, it’s just as likely that an event can take place in your company as it is anywhere else.

Don’t fall into the trap of disaster denial. Don’t ignore the possibility of an incident or crisis striking your organization at any time. The question every organization must ask is: How do we mitigate crises from happening?

This excerpt from The Violence Prevention Formula – Part 1: Awareness Training is published courtesy of Firestorm Solutions. Continuity Insights will continue to keep you posted on Firestorm’s entire nine-part series on this topic.

Read the full post on part one via Firestorm here.

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