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Research Reveals Disaster Recovery Remains an Afterthought Despite Increasing Failures and Outages

Secure application and data protection cloud services provider iland has released the findings of its research into organizations’ disaster recovery readiness which finds that less than two-thirds of organizations have a documented company-wide disaster recovery plan in place.

Additionally, a comparatively small number of respondents rely on the cloud for their replication, suggesting that the move to the cloud – and DRaaS – has been slow among larger businesses.

The research: When Plan B Goes Wrong: Avoiding the Pitfalls of DRaaS surveyed 150 technical and business decision makers from organizations drawn from a wide cross-section of enterprises, each employing a minimum of 500 people. The objectives of the research were to establish what DR systems organisations currently have in place, how often plans are tested, and whether enterprises are confident in their ability to recover from disaster as easily and swiftly as possible.

Key Findings Include:

  • 65 percent of contributing organizations had a documented, company-wide DR plan in place.
  • 85 percent of contributors had experienced failure at some point. Two thirds of that group had experienced the outage within the last 12 months and half of those within 6 months.
  • 59 percent retained a second, separate on-premise data center for DR purposes.
  • DR testing frequency is very low. 57 percent are testing only annually or at less frequent intervals. 6 percent didn’t test their DR at all.
  • The most frequently encountered problem with failback to original sites is network problems, experienced by 53 percent.

Read the full research report here.

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