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Pronto Recovery Wins CIR Magazine’s Most Innovative Product of the Year

Global business continuity solutions and technology hardware provider Pronto Recovery and Regus Workplace Recovery were named winners of the Most Innovative Product of the Year in CIR Magazine’s 22nd annual Business Continuity Awards. The Business Continuity Awards are the definitive mark of excellence in the sector, celebrating the past year’s greatest successes in business continuity, security and resilience.

The winning entry, Regus’ Dynamic Workplace Recovery solution, provides a flexible, guaranteed recovery, based on the crisis, at the time of the crisis. By partnering with Pronto Recovery for quick ship hardware and IT Recovery, Regus also offers clients all the technology necessary to continue operating. With a global network of over 3,000 offices worldwide, the solution can offer flexibility at the time of disaster, mitigating any risk associated with single site recovery. From a risk perspective, this allows organizations to decide on the best course of action at the time of invocation.

By ensuring a guaranteed recovery which compliments and supports the flexibility of today’s workforces, Regus and Pronto can help businesses stay productive and support their established working environment.

“The award means even more this year due to the changing face of business continuity and workplace recovery. We have been so pleased to be able to offer flexible options that could be combined with and compliment work from home solutions,” said Brian Gardner, CEO, Pronto Recovery.

Brendan Seifried, director of sales for EMEA and APAC, Regus added: “Being able to provide a safe working environment and multiple site recovery for our clients has been a defining moment for the flexibility of our product this year.

Working together, Pronto and Regus provide continuity solutions including flexible alternate workspace locations and quick ship hardware and IT recovery services globally. With a global network of offices and depots, Regus and Pronto Recovery continue to provide a resilient and guaranteed recovery with our network of offices or teams working from home.

Learn more at Pronto Recovery.

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