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Preparing Your Business for an Earthquake

Due to an increase in urban development in seismically active areas, businesses must take steps to mitigate damages caused by earthquakes. In 2017, natural and man-made catastrophes accumulated $144.3 billion in insured losses. Nearly $2 billion of those losses were caused by global earthquakes that claimed more than 1,184 lives.

Even though earthquakes strike suddenly without warning, unlike other natural disasters, there are numerous precautions your business can take to limit injury, property damage, and business disruptions. If your business is located in an at-risk region for earthquakes, preparedness is paramount because these precautions must be in place in advance of the earthquake.

Download Firestorm’s new infographic reviewing earthquake losses and way to prepare.

The main activities that need to be implemented and undertaken in earthquake preparation include: preparing your facilities; preparing your workforce to react safely AND help the organization survive a damaging earthquake; and preparing the community.

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