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New Job? Your 1st 100 Days – New Webinar

Business Continuity Professionals shift jobs for a variety of reasons but usually because of a fantastic opportunity, significant challenge, or just to find a different company culture. It could be a promotion within your current organization, a restart after a reorganization, or changing organizations altogether. No matter how you got there, it’s a fresh start. A chance to do things RIGHT!

This one-hour workshop will cover how you can position yourself in the first 100 days of your fresh start to maximize and achieve the best results possible for the several years you’ll be there.

Through these seven steps you’ll learn how to:

  1. Make sure it’s the right job for you
  2. Prepare yourself & making a great first impression
  3. Be People Smart: Building powerful relationships & alliances
  4. Secure quick wins
  5. Evaluate the current state and design just-the-right program
  6. Reimagine a service delivery model that works
  7. Lead without title or authority

It’s up to you to set the proper framework for your success at every opportunity whether you are new at planning or going in as the program director. This workshop will be about maximizing your opportunity by increasing your influence, program significance, and your image.

Phil Lambert, Founder and President of Ripcord Solutions, will moderate the discussion. With more than 23 years of experience in business continuity and disaster planning, he’s passionate about the critical role it plays in today’s increasingly fast-paced and digital world. And coming up through the ranks, he’s worked at companies large and small, and experienced both the highs and lows of starting in a new position. He’ll share his experiences with you, the good and the bad, to help you be more productive and successful during the first 100 days in your new position.

Join us on November 14, 2017 at 2:00 EST for New Job? Your 1st 100 Days. Register today.

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