meQuilibrium Announces Integrated System to Address Organizational and Individual Resilience

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meQuilibrium, a leading provider of digital workforce resilience solutions, has announced significant new enhancements to its solution set, now delivering an integrated system to address the urgent need for overall organizational resilience. The new integrated system delivers a validated approach to prevention and early detection of burnout and mental health risks, individual and leader development tools now essential for building for high performing cultures, coupled with a robust business intelligence package.

Among meQuilibrium’s largest publicly-traded customers, those companies with the highest organizational resilience scores at baseline outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Index by 116% over the last 24 months. This data underscores the business benefits of a whole-company, whole-person approach to organizational resilience.

“Organizational resilience is a marker for business success, especially in today’s fast-changing business climate,” said Jan Bruce, CEO and co-founder, meQuilibrium. “Organizations and their people are under more pressure than ever, driven by overload, uncertainty and non-stop change. This places new demands on organizations to address not only the effect of burnout and rising mental health risks, but also to prepare their workers, managers and the whole organization to get out of their defensive crouch, adapt for the now and prepare for the future. Our solution achieves this for customers.”

meQuilibrium has assessed the resilience and tracked the progress of more than 500,000 individuals around the world, amassing 1.5 billion data points in the process. This data provides managers with the immediate insights essential to delivering on performance and business goals in a complex and changing market environment.

At the team and organizational level, the enhanced meQ Suite offers strategic, comprehensive and validated insights into workforce efficacy, wellbeing, and mindset—information that is unavailable through common HR sources and touch points. These business intelligence tools, available in app to team leaders and managers, help them make the connection between team success and skill-building, measuring and improving the ability to deliver on the organization’s goals, mission, and values.

Additionally, in response to a growing cultural awareness about the need to support employees coping with diversity, inclusivity and equity, enhanced values match and mentor match features help employees and managers develop the skills they need to deliver on the company’s values and mission, and also matches them with exemplars, peer-to-peer, to facilitate growth and connection.

Following a year of significant expansion of over 50% in its global accounts, meQuilibrium launched 10 new languages, giving the solution 14 total global languages to reach the broadest population, including Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, European French, Dutch, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English.

meQuilibrium also recently acquired the science-based breathing app, Resilio, which will soon introduce biometric technology into the meQuilibrium platform.

Read the full announcement here.


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