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From BDR Provider to Business Continuity Provider in 6 Logical Steps

It start with clearing up the confusion associated with the differences between a backup, backup and disaster recovery (BDR), and BC solution. According to Jay McCall, editor, journalist, and co-founder of XaaS Journal and DevPro Journal, these six steps will help you position yourself as a true business continuity solution provider.

It starts with moving beyond focusing on “recovery” to focus on “resilience;” to expanding your definition of a “disaster;” to rethinking the importance of “vertical-focused” solutions; realizing nothing will work without starting with a thorough assessment; agreeing that a “garbage bin” approach or a checklist doesn’t constitute a viable business continuity plan; to understanding that the real BC challenges have never been with technology.

Read McCall’s insightful look at positioning yourself as a true business continuity solution provider here.

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