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Enhancing Community Resilience Through Social Capital and Connectedness

In 2020, we saw a record 22 events associated with weather or climate-induced losses that exceeded $1 billion along with a global pandemic unmatched by scale in over a century. These events harm individuals, families, communities, and the entire country, create significant economic impacts, and exacerbate societal tensions.

Social capital and connectedness can help communities build resilience in the face of these threats and hazards. Our new report identifies key topics within this framework that applied researchers can focus on as we look to strengthen capacities for hazard mitigation and resilience across the nation and around the world.

Enhancing Community Resilience through Social Capital and Connectedness: Stronger Together!, a new report from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, explores three important applied research topics within the natural hazard mitigation and resilience realm:

  1. Inspiring Communities to Create and Sustain Social Capital and Connectedness
  2. Bolstering Community-created Digital and Public Spaces
  3. Building Social Capital through Financial Investment Strategies

The report builds on and extends past work on this theme by the National Academies. Related reports are available from the National Academies Press, through its Social Capital and Social Connectedness collection.

Download the report here.

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