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cABCF Certification Training Course Open for Registration

Adaptive BC Solutions has announced that registration is now open for its next Adaptive BC Foundations cABCF Certification training course, with exercises, group experts, and real-time lectures. The full six-week course will be held online beginning on March 26 and running through April 30.

The introductory class, The 10 Principles of Adaptive BC, will review the foundation of Adaptive Business Continuity and the Foundations (cABCF) certification course. Mark Armour and Dr. David Lindstedt will present, discuss, and also provide some ideas of how to apply Adaptive BC to COVID-19 Management.

Additional sessions will cover Measurements and KPIs, Related Disciplines, “Modules” of Adaptive BC, Resilient Organizations, and Adoption and Next Steps.

The six-week, online training class will require participants to:

  • Meet LIVE online for six Saturdays: March 26 – April 30 beginning at 10:00 a.m. ET.
  • Work with a peer group for approximately 30-60 minutes each week (at a time you will coordinate) to complete weekly case studies and exercises.
  • Have access to computing and internet capabilities for virtual meetings via Zoom.

Contact Adaptive BC Solutions at for information on the Spring session or register here.

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