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Breakout Sessions, Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

A17 – The Mary Kay Way – How the Culture Leads To Our Program Success
Joel Navarro, Global Manager, Business Continuity, Mary Kay Inc.
Mary Kay Ash started the company by stepping outside of the standard practices and created something new and meaningful for millions of women around the world. Similarly the BC program did not follow the traditional BCP steps and developed a culture which strayed from accepted practices. This presentation will discuss challenges faced, consistent and frequent exercising focused on resiliency, a global resiliency committee focused on decision making (not steering committee), and expansion into all of our MK markets in nearly 40 countries.
A18 – Our Evolving World of Disaster Recovery              
Larry Heck, Disaster Recovery Manager, Weill Cornell Medical College
As the landscape of BC and DR rapidly changes, we may sometimes struggle with how to maintain control of our environments and plan for resiliency if a disruption occurs. This case study will explore how our team worked within our IT organization to adapt to changes in technology strategy and to discover opportunities to improve the program. We’ll discuss changes in organizational alignment, determine if an onsite, cloud, or hybrid solution is best, measuring compliance, among other risks. 
B10 – The “Non-Standard” BIA. 
Kathleen Lucey, FBCI, President, Montague Risk Management
Faced with a client that had the results of a BIA that took two years to complete, cost $400,000, did not provide the necessary information to develop recovery plans, and where much of this information was outdated, the presenter developed a combined BIA/Risk Assessment. This allowed the rapid collection of the information necessary to develop recovery plans. It was much easier (and much faster) to get to the necessary decisions with this approach. It also provided the information necessary to complete both business unit and technology recovery plans. This approach has been used multiple times now; it is both effective and efficient. This presentation describes how this methodology works and why it is effective. 
C13 – Effective Risk Management Through ERM/BCM Integration and Collaboration  
William C. Hord, VP – ERM Services, Quantivate
​ The integration of enterprise risk management (ERM) and business continuity management (BCM) by organizations not only enhances the value proposition for both disciplines, more importantly, it enables organizations to better execute and achieve their strategic vision.  ERM is a top-down discipline that seeks to mitigate risks that have an adverse impact on the organization’s strategic objectives. ERM is assessing both the likelihood and impact of various categories of risk at the strategic and operational levels, whereas BCM is determining the response to an impact regardless of the cause at an operational level. The presentation is designed to provide an understanding of the current challenges risk managers are facing when they have separate ERM and BCM departments, committees, management and/or reporting lines. 
D7 – Ranking the Maturity Level of Your Business Continuity Plan Using a Resiliency Maturity Model
Greg Holdburg, CBCLA, CRM, MRP, Manager, Global BC/DR, First Advantage
This presentation will assist you with the process of measuring your existing Business Continuity plan against a Resiliency Maturity Model. This will allow you to determine where your plan ranks on the six levels of maturity and allow you to accurately predict the probability of a successful recovery: Level One (Self Governed), Level Two (Departmental), Level Three (Cooperative), Level Four (Standards Compliant), Level Five (Integrated), and Level Six (Synergistic). 
F3 – Millennial Continuity Career Ladder – How to Work Your Way to the Top!
Suzanne Bernier, CEM, CBCP, MBCI – President, SB Crisis Consulting
Part ‘career continuity’ and part motivational session, the presenter will share tips, strategies and guidance to assist millennials advance in your continuity career, based on some of her own experiences and findings over her past 20 years in crisis management. From working with international governments and the United Nations, to publishing a book, to sitting on several high-profile industry boards, and recently speaking at the White House, she will share her insights and tips on how to enhance your own skills and marketability to reach the pinnacle of success in your chosen career. Whether it’s advancing yourself within your own organization or increasing your profile globally, this session will share tips and personal insights on how to get there, one step at a time.
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